Our Fees and Break Down.

We are located in Palm Bay Florida.

If you have a design you need printed or have something you want to design, let us help you. Printing is Filament cost plus 20.00$ the first Hour and 15.00$ every hour after. There is a 2 Hour Minimum. Design Work is 75.00$ per hour 2 hour Minimum. You will receive the STL file and the Solidworks file of your part. A Blue Print can be added if requested.  If you require the part to be 3D printed after the design work a 35.00$ credit will be put toward the printing service (filament cost will still apply).


Email for a quote today! There are no stupid questions, Please dont hesitate to ask..

Our current build platform is 104mm x 104mm x 104mm, ABS, and PLA

Jason, of Tactical Internet Team


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Published on: October 21, 2017

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